Report as spam button/ show the follower count

Byte really needs a report spam button because I was just going through the Latest category and kept seeing the same byte from some saying they were “1 follower away from 1 million” and where going to be giving away an iPhone. When I finally looked at the profile this person had been posting the same video for the past half hour.

Not only does it bury other creators content, but it makes me not want to explore the categories if there is going to be a bunch of spam.

On top of that I have notice there are a growing number of younger byters joining the app and I would want them to start following someone out of the false hope of winning a iPhone (I can’t confirm that this person isn’t giving away an iPhone but I highly doubt they are as they only show the box that didn’t look like it was in a plastic seal or anything and after looking through all the 1 follower away vids seemed like a sudden idea they got).

Displaying the actual follower counts would probably also help in cases like this. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

TLDR: Byte needs a report spam button because someone is spamming the same “1 follow away from 1 million, follow and win an Phone” for the past 30+ minutes.


Tap the arrow, then “Flag” then “It’s suspicious or spammy” followed by “It seems like a scam”.


Thank you! I only checked on the profile but that makes sense.


I just screen shot my follower number and turned it into a Byte. Worked well

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