Report all fake v2 twitter accounts

there is now so many fake twitter acounts claiming to be v2 accounts lets mass report them , even
@dom said there is no such accounts


Yeah report 'em, it could cause phishing to occur and a bad rep


Yeah they announce wrong release dates of the app

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Mhm, it really bugs me how many people believe them

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And on Instagram. Some of them are following me meaning they are users of this forum, because I haven’t posted about my interest in the app on any other platform.

If you see any report them and if they start getting out of hand then contact one of the v2 staff to try and sort it out with Twitter themselves because technically it is also a legal issue too.

Yes and this accounts are recolecting a lot of followers, there is one that have 1.2k followers in two days

Yes, we need to do something about this. Especially the ones that are banking off of the name. Some of them are spreading false claims. Some V2 Instagram account followed me and I noticed he said that β€œThe beta will be released January 31st” which is not true, there is no release date. I commented to let people know that it wasn’t true.

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The official Twitter for v2 is

Confirmed by @dom

πŸ‘€ @v2app

β€” dom hofmann (@dhof) January 23, 2018
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@Vine2Creators is fake

Thanks for letting me know he created a official Twitter page! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gonna make a list of fake twitter accounts here -
@ V2_APP
@ V2AppCreators
@ Vine2OFFICIAL2 ‏
@ vine2official ‏
@ VineBeta ‏
@ Vine__2 ‏

There are some other accounts out there beginning with V2, but quite a few of them are actually just news/hype accounts that make it fairly obvious that they are unofficial, so make sure not to report those guys!

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