Reply to comments menu

When you click on a persons comment in your comments section, it pops up a menu with the option to reply to them, or click cancel
I think that the menu that pops up should close when you click anywhere else on the screen, and not only when you click cancel. just a small suggestion


I also think instead of a menu, it should automatically just put their @ in the text box and open your keyboard.


I know its been said but also liking comments


they are working on liking comments, but those will come later


Yes, much better implementation.

Cc @dom

good idea. this is iOS I assume?

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I’m getting the same in Android, @dom & @FaizalDawx . Maybe have a long press to report but tapping defaults to prefilling the username? Obviously this would be much better with comments threaded too (I know you’re working on that though.)

Would also like to throw to here Web based viewing of bytes for sharing (as a temporary idea) and this bug report that could maybe be fixed for the comments section (reporting and share sheet) at the same time Functions arrow encodes in comments view (just to streamline functionality of icons in all contexts within the app)

Theyre starting on links tommorow!

I’ve missed this @armansingh, do you have a source/link in the forums?

I cant find it right now, but its a comment on a thread.

yeah, sorry, the forums are getting a lot of activity. still thinking about the best way to organize… we might start summarizing stuff in bulletins. but yes we’re starting on links tomorrow


Perfect, definitely glad to hear that, it’ll help out a lot with reach. Give me a shout if you guys need help testing or anything. I definitely think a list of all features currently in development would be great to prevent duplicates of suggestions in #idea. I’m trying to point out duplicates to people who post them but can’t close anything myself yet. Keep at it, I’m sure a bulletin will help calm everything.

Incase you’re still wondering, yes it’s IOS


i guess this is the most relevant one. it might just happen on android only (don’t know how this works on ios).

i receive a notification where i can swipe down and click to reply. when i reply right from the notification, @[handle] doesn’t show.

and of course, the current solution is to enter the handle manually. could be good if it would automatically add the handle when i reply from that notification.

sorry, i might be a bit used to how twitter works (other apps might work the same too but i mainly use twitter so i can’t say).