Reply to be drawned

Reply to this to be drawn-ed
Stole this idea from @devynb

real talk: everyone is just making drawing threads with different wording


artists rise up :triumph:


Drawn me eples :ok_hand:

drawn* :sweat_smile:

edit: OH WAIT i get it was intentional jdnddbh

and what’s so wrong about the drawing threads? :triumph:

Bonjour mon ami. Dessine moi s’il te plait.
(Hello my friend. Draw me please/if you want.)
My French sucks lol.

Huh…let’s see your skills then

What if I didn’t reply

Hah jk pls I need some love

Draw me please, i want to see your skills.

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Ooo what type of drawings do you create

draw mee please :))

I’m not v hard to draw :sunglasses: Don’t draw too much ketchup on me, I’m more of a mustard gal

Sure why not

I prefer to call them disasters

Lot of drawing lately lol :sunglasses:

To everyone who has requested
I will start doing your request now!

I dare you, draw me!

I honsestly dont blame you for thiking it was intentianol

Draw me please. I’ll give you an epic high-five if you do!

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that epic virtual high-five motivates me a lot
this is why us artists do what we do

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