Repeated following and unfollowing

Literally follows and unfollows me about every 2 hours and has been doing this since Byte went live.

Anyone else having this issue?

I work really hard on byte, I’m a filmmaker/actor. I love byte but it’s tough because it seems like, unless one of the beta people rebyte my stuff, most of what I get is a couple of views and a follow and unfollow when I make a post.

I really love byte and I’m focusing on it as my main platform RN. I really, really want to be part of the creator program. I’ve been making videos since 2010. I’ve made thousands of videos and millions of views. TBH I would have tried to make my own video platform but it turns out it’s much harder than I could have imagined. So, byte is the closest thing to my own vision.

I’ve never been part of a community that’s about expressing creativity. I just really hope I’m right in putting all of my faith in this app and trying so hard to bring my followers over.


Love you guys :blue_heart:


yeah, they also keep following and unfollowing me. really annoying.

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I blocked em


A lot of people doing that besides BestVines2, at this point I just ignore it since I’m pretty sure the devs know about those accounts and will get to them eventually. My only suggestion to get yourself out there is to spend time looking at other people’s stuff and connecting and supporting people in a similar position whose content you enjoy. The app will definitely get an update to help your videos get discovered better in the future but that’s what you can do for now. As a non beta user if you ever want to talk about byte just let me know, I also care much more than I should about this silly little app.

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Block them.

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I will too!

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I have the same issue. Like it seems like a Byte does everything it’s going to in the first 5 minutes it’s up. After that nobody ever happens across it except for accounts that just follows and unfollows.

It’s a bummer too bc like you I try hard to come up with content only to see it become instantly donezo.

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we’ve suspended the account and we’re going to start paying more attention to this. for future reference, here is the relevant line in our community guidelines:

Don’t be a bot (or act like one).
Don’t engage in repeated, unwanted, or unsolicited interactions that negatively impact the members of this community, whether automated or manual. No spammy links or dubious offers, either.

and a reminder not to call out specific accounts on the forum. just send a message to me or @cami_p :slight_smile:


Wow, I really didn’t expect a response from Dom!
Totally made my bad, also a little nervous. Hi!

Thanks man, I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the community guidelines and changes being made to the app.

Also, hoping that my input helps, I love this app and I’m really glad you guys are working hard on it! It’s literally the living embodiment of the app I was hoping someone would make 6 months ago. Little did I know, byte was in beta.

My apologies about direct call out, I will message you guys in the future about direct account issues If I have any.

Have a great weekend!

Much love brother :blue_heart:


I feel like this belongs here


Thank you, I’m glad to hear this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yasss! I did one of those a while back but yours was better, just like and commented on it to show you that I in fact exist. :metal::joy:

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Thank you very much! :smiley: I had no idea you made one, I’ll be sure to check it out!

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