Rename forum to OEVO Forum

:joy: Your posts make me laugh :joy:

Usually what one says when faced with a truth to big to swallow…we see right through you guys…don’t worry

if you don’t like us ‘OEVO guys’ you don’t have to talk to us…

Why are you guys here when majority don’t want you here…people are trying to be nice…but the minute oevo was brought to the forums…everything went south…there was no need to excessively talk about oevo and become rude to people on here when oevo has a dedicated forums…but knowing the staff that was probably their intention…ruin the forums so dom wouldn’t even want to finish v2…congratulations…

Please stop trying to start arguments, you’ve stated in previous posts that this forum embarrasses you. If you don’t want to be here then don’t, read Dom’s user’s guidelines, you can’t just bully OEVO users of the forums.

Im discussing… I ask questions but you guys don’t answer…so your intentions are clear…

Whatever happened to all the civil discussions I once saw here :confused: It’d probably be better to have forum category dedicated to the other apps, but have it so that the content posted there doesn’t show up in the “latest discussion” feed. :man_shrugging:

In essence, the posts in there would be public and all, and users would be able to find them; the only catch is that they are only visible if you look in that category.

Something like this would (ideally) separate the “knockoffs” from the original without actually censoring anyone

I don’t know if such feature is implemented in this forum software, but I do know it’s possible in others.


They should actually do this…

Now your embarrassing yourself… I’ve spoken to people on other group chats about some of your posts. Please re-read Dom’s use guideline post otherwise we will be forced to get into contact with with staff members which could lead to the termination of your account.

With my account will go yours…and the rest of you that we’re calling people hypocrites… and saying they were too old…so do it!!

Dude stop starting arguments please.


Im trying to discuss…just like you said…discussions will continue

I love discussions, I love these forums. But your obviously trying to mock me and your being quite rude at the moment.

Ideas, features, new concepts. You know, things everyone has been discussing since the forum opened

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How am I being rude…oh by acting the way you were acting when you said you weren’t being rude…

@TheKingHusker I totally agree, discussions should be about those things but its not right when @influx labels people who use OEVO as “deceitful and dishonest” (on another thread)

He was referencing your post as being deceitful because it shows that you have 373 followers when you have 50 or something on the app. Thats not your fault, the same thing happened to me i think its just a glitch. Dom said we can criticize ideas NOT PEOPLE. And labelling OEVO users like that just isn’t right to me.

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I was referencing every single oevo user who had posted their link…but look at you trying to single someone out…to start more arguments…when you just said to stop trying to start arguments…We see right through you…

@TheKingHusker I totally agree, discussions should be about those things but its not right when @influx labels people who use OEVO as “deceitful and dishonest”

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I am trying to defend @TheKingHusker because its not his fault that his profile follow count is wrong. Its a glitch on the app.

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It happens to every user because it is NOT a glitch…it’s a skeavy marketing tactic…because that is the standard over there…don’t single one person out when it is all of them…why would you do that?..