Rename forum to OEVO Forum

All I see in this forum now is OEVO OEVO OEVO.

So Dom may as well rename this the OEVO Forum.


I know. It’s a v2 forum with no more discussion on v2.


:joy::joy: O E V O

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Lmfao right :joy:

Hopefully those post will die down soon and we can get back to V2 on he V2 forums or they’ll take those posts to the Oevo forums :woman_shrugging:

Haha kinda sad but true

yep. in all honesty we should really be putting all of the oevo talk in one thread bc it really can all take place in one conversation. this post is fine bc its pointing out that fact but like the number of other posts are excessive


I’d have to delete my account if that happens!

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There’s one already. Why you upset bro? The app is going to die eventually if they run out of money for the ex-viners.

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I think that eventually the conversation around Oevo will calm down.

How do you recommend we discuss v2 when all we have is a vague update from Dom saying all but “I quit”?


do you guys think oevo has potential and people are really gonna use it?


I can’t say anything about what they’re going to do in the future 100% sure, but for now it’s a crap.

yea, i guess

Postponed, not quit

how bout N O

Here’s a clue that this forum has quickly become the OEVO forum. This is a list of the most active topics for the past few days.


I joined this forum to discuss V2, so I’ll be visiting here far less than I did before because I have ZERO interest in Oevo. If you want to know why, see my in-depth video about V2 and OEVO:


I said “saying all but.” That means he didn’t say “I quit.”

What is there to discuss lol

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Stop dropping the link to your video every opportunity you can lol. The truth is that there is basically nothing to discuss about v2 as of right now and I don’t think there will be anytime soon. OEVO is currently the ‘hot topic’ to discuss right now. If you want to leave then I guess thats your decision.

Why can’t you discuss oevo on the oevo forums though…is it because you really don’t like oevo but feel desperate for a come up but you don’t want to let go of v2…bc that’s is exactly what you all look like