Remixing videos?

What if there was a type of post called a “Template” or a “Base”, that anyone can remix (audio, video, or both)? When posted, it would have a link to the original “Base”. Memes like “bruh” could be popularized very quickly this way.


That could be a neat feature but I really hope memes like bruh don’t come back. All they did was take an already funny out of context video and added some type of screaming “what the fuck!” audio to the end. Like, Yes, “what the fuck” was the point.

Honestly don’t think this would really do anything…the videos are 6 seconds long. Like I really can’t think of any concept that could be so complicated in 6 seconds to warrant a template.

Also yeah viral things will go viral with or without a template and honestly viral trends have been increasingly dumb recently, maybe promoting them isnt the best of ideas

Cool, i like that idea

It will be a challenge :wink:

No, what I’m saying is that the audio from a newly popular meme could be turned into a “Template” that other users can use for their own videos. It could be up to the v2 staff to choose what becomes “This Week’s Template”

But like still…?