Reminder: There's Still a Pandemic

Coronavirus is still very much happening and in the U.S. the first wave isn’t even over. In fact! Cases are RISING again in many states (including mine). Just because the news shifts, doesn’t mean we aren’t in a horrible pandemic where the U.S. is suffering the worst. Stop being selfish. Stop going to parties and gatherings and posting about it like it’s normal and okay. Even if you DO isolate afterwards, it’s a bad influence and example to set. Wear. A. Mask. They sell them everywhere now. It’s so easy. Wash your hands. Stay away from people when you’re out. Carry hand sanitizer. Stop. Being. Selfish.


Same here. It’s rising at a rlly fast rate. And people just don’t care…


Yep. Feels like some have just decided to ignore that it’s still a reality because it makes them sad. Like they go out for their own mental health while risking the physical health of others and themselves. I haven’t been able to hang out with my best friend in 3 months. It just irks me seeing people act like everything is fine, just because they haven’t had a relative or friend die yet. Over 122 THOUSAND people in the U.S. have died from this so far…remember when 100k was the estimate for like AUGUST? It’s mostly younger people who think they’re invincible. I just want my grandparents and parents to make it through this year. Like, we never left the first wave and people are acting like it’s over.


THIS is what the end of a wave should look like if you want a good picture of how much the U.S. has failed.





The U.K.:


The biggest one day increase in coronavirus cases worldwide happened a few days ago (June 21st or 19th some sites saying one of those days) so this virus is still raging on. I get that part of the reason why the virus count MAY be increasing is cuz tests are increasing, but this times article basically debunked that claim and said, “However, if widespread testing was the entire reason for the rise in cases, you’d expect the share of positive tests to go down, or, at the very least, remain steady. Instead, that figure is rising in a number of states. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Arizona, Texas and Florida, where you can see a clear uptick in the percentage of tests that come back positive, even as the total number of tests grows”.
Stay safe everyone and WEAR YOUR MASKS!!


Seeing numbers that are almost at “peak” levels happening now is really indicative of how bad the US is handling this virus


A reporter in Georgia is talking about the cause of the recent increase in cases and she debunked the “more testing=more cases” claim


I think a lot of other countries are lying about their numbers though.


They could be, but the point is that those countries are farrrr away from their peak. Meanwhile, the US just recently tried to rival its highest case numbers in a single day so clearly something is wrong.


I’m in Houston.

It’s a great big garbage fire right now.

Everyone is busy pointing fingers and blaming.

If you don’t wear a mask?

You are a giant :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :chocolate_bar: :star: :tropical_fish:

I’ve seen the whole spectrum of beliefs, genders, political parties, whatever -not wearing masks.

Pretend you’re playing cops and robbers and cover your face and wash your damn hands.

I think Houston just had ~10% increase in cases in one day. :man_facepalming:


Anyone could be lying, the US included. But in the midst of a Global Pandemic, being open and honest with the information is way more logical, a lot of data is being collected from international sources to prevent individual countries from giving false information. If you look online there’s tons of organization collecting data.

It also doesn’t make sense for countries to hide information. Not all countries in the world are being led by Nationalists, or base their enitre country identity in being the best/most advanced/most unbeatable country in the world. In most countries keeping up that sort of national perception is not even close to being a priority.


I know what you mean by not carrying because as of now my province hasn’t had a new case in 3 days and currently have no active cases out of long term homes HOWEVER as nice as that sounds it’s still not over and people still need to watch out and I can name you so many people that I know that aren’t listening to rules anymore :man_facepalming:t2:


Also remember how to wear a mask properly. If you’re not covering your nose not only do you look dumb, but you’re looking dumb while still breathing on everyone and spreading the disease anyways.



I’ve see people using masks as a sweatband/pull their hair back from their forehead, hung from one ear, etc.

It’s like watching the Darwin Awards, but with collateral damage.

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36,000 daily cases and counting…


no one in the uk is respecting social distancing laws - in fact, it has seemingly gone back to normal. but rates seem to be decreasing???


Thought rates were decreasing in Georgia too, but now they’re rising again.


You’re right.
I was watching a vlog by Karl Rock who lives in India. He was eventually diagnosed with Coronavirus and when he wanted to get tested in India, he could not. Apparently, the rule is that in order to get tested for corona, a person must be able to prove that he/she was in contact with someone who had coronavirus.
Technically, it’s not a lie but I guess it’s a loophole to keep the numbers down.

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The US had the same procedure when this whole thing started, and my country too. In both cases, it didn’t have anything to do with keeping number low, but with the lack of testing kits and resources.

In my country we had a spike about 3 weeks ago because we started manufacturing our own testing, which means we could test more people. In India they might still be struggling to get enough resources to test people


Yesterday was the day with the most daily cases since April 24. Damn

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