Relevance and Content

Hello Byters (is this what we call ourselves?),

Quick question for the older crowd: Do any of you worry about relevance in your content? Like, I’m an older dude, in my 30’s, but I have been gaming since 1990 and content creating since 2006 (couple of closed accounts). I often worry that people are gonna look at me and be like “Who the fuck is this old man?” It’s difficult, because I have already been called out on Twitch for it. Just wondering if I’m the only one.

Kane out.


I’m sorry that happened to you Kane. I’m 31, and only live streamed on twitch 2 times so far without an audience. But I feel as though the content I stream should be relatable to our age group. This way I have more of an idea of the audience i’m attracting.

Don’t let trolls, or Hecklers get to you. There’s always going to be a larger more mature audience.


Jason Nash succeeded on Vine, he’s a good example. Besides, you should do what you love to do, not what others do. And besides, I’m sure you could inspire someone else like you to follow his/her passion and do what they want as well. Trust me, although this shouldn’t be the main reason, people find it really cool when someone breaks the mold and just does what they do (when it ain’t harmin nobody). Trust me, push through any doubt you have with resilience and you’ll be fine

arf out lel


Just don’t give a shit about what anyone says. The hardest obstacle is yourself. If you live your life worried what other people will think of this 30 year old guy than you’re in the wrong place buddy. You think garyvee cares??

Zoop out


Whenever you feel bad about yourself, just remember Ninja screamed at a kid over Fortnite during a live stream.


I’m too young to be considered an old women on the app tbh buuuut, don’t give a f*ck, if you like what you do just do it. If you’re good and do an effort on it you’ll eventually be rewarded.

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I don’t think age should be a concern to you as long as you are passionate about your content and what ur doing makes you happy :blush:


It’s probably harder to stand out if you’re trying to appeal to 15 year olds because that market is so saturated, but if you target a niche that consists of people 25+ who’ve been gaming since the 90s, then your content will resonate more with them and you’ll be more successful. The fewer people your content appeals to, the better. Less competition from content creators. Target people like you. There’s still gonna be millions out there in your niche, waiting for someone like you…


Don’t care about relevance and content, just be the most authentic you as you can be.


pretty relevant.


Just do what you want to do and don’t worry too much! If Jason Nash can do it, you can certainly do it too!

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Hi Kane, I’m a lot older than you and I got the same ageist stuff on Vine and now on TikTok (although there they all want me to be their dad), but what they eventually realize is that even though I’m older I’m really immature, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You’re not a day over 20 you scallywag. :+1:


I think your eyesight is going LOL!