Release Date Prediction

So when do you guys think V2 will be released? I personally believe it will be the within the first week of May


Probably late June or Early-Mid July.

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There’s gonna be a beta

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do you think the beta will be released before or after May?

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hopefully the beta gets out sooner

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You should come out either early May or early June

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June 21st or 22nd is my guess

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April 1st



i’d say like late june, july, or early august. maybe even september(a few days). Dom made some post a while ago about the team only being like 6 months into developing.

In the summer

yuh 8char

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July Something I’d guess

Late June, early July

I doubt it August though maybe Late July sometime

It doesn’t matter

June or July I’d think. May is a little too early.