Relative volume indicator for videos

I’m not sure how this would be achieved in the code, but it would be nice to have each vine automatically accompanied by some kind of simple peak volume indicator so creators won’t be relied upon to provide high volume warnings. Doesn’t have to be complex; could be on a scale of like 1 to 4 or something. I don’t mean as a modifier to the phone’s master volume, I mean something to indicate the relative volume of each individual vine. Some vines will be louder than others no matter what my phone volume is. That’s fine, but some indication of that relative vine loudness would be cool!

If you visualize the way posts looked on the original vine app, I would imagine a “peak volume score” or “loudness score” sitting on the top banner of the post, between the posters name and the loop count.

Extending off of that, if V2 has autoplay as a feature in its feeds, it would be nice to have an option to disable autoplay for vines of a certain loudness score and above, decided upon by the user in his or her own preferences. That way if you want to browse your feed but don’t want your phone randomly exploding with something loud (my best example would be “it is wednesday my dudes… uuuuuaaAAAAAAHHHHHH” late at night; could totally sound… suspect to someone in the next room) you can still use the app and enjoy content without worrying about being surprised by a particularly loud vine.



Great idea, personally I don’t use earbuds but I respect people who do. Many edits on vine/youtube had “bass increased” which can hurt ears. There should also be a profanity warning, especially for moaning vines.


Sounds like a cool idea to me. And yeah, I hate those videos were sudden moaning noises come up so it would be nice to get a bit of a warning. xD

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Cool Idea

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Great idea but it would take a lot of time to code!

It’s such a cool idea! It would be helpful when I’m in class watching V2 vids with my earbuds in :joy:

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Thanks for the feedback! Good to know my head was on straight when I thought of this.

a warning that plays before the video would be a good way to solution for this… much like an “NSFW” warning.

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not bad, but not sure on how difficult would it be to implement it on the app

That would be awesome! I don’t know how many times I started playing a Vine with headphones in and nearly threw my phone across the room because the loud noise caught me off guard

I know audio spectrograph apps exist as I downloaded one for the lols and it actually works. Totally different mechanics at work but it would seem apps today are capable of doing much more complex things with audio today than my V2 idea.

That said, I have zero idea on how to or how hard it would be to incorporate such an idea into the app itself.

Only gonna bump this once but… Bump because I want @dhof to at least see it…

Wow I never would have thought of this… but it would be a very cool feature to have on v2!

really awesome idea. this could’ve handy a couple of times earlier

I have damaged my eardrums too many times