Regrets about lack of content

When I saw the “Creators :heart:” link on, I got sad that I havent been actively posting or creating anything anywhere. Obviously byte will be a place to grow, but I still got discouraged. I know I need to start now, but it wouldve been nice to start building a while ago like so many of you :sweat_smile:

So heres to the future of motivation and not being tarts :clinking_glasses:


I agree. I didn’t do much when :vine: was around and I sorta regretted it haha. But with Byte I’ll be able to try out many new things and hopefully grow an audience!


When I first downloaded :vine: I didn’t make anything because I thought I was too young. In all honesty I was. In 2013, a 13 year old kid would be crucified on the internet if they weren’t funny. ( I wasn’t really funny or had any other talents at the time either) But now, 5 years later, I’ve definitely grown as a person and as a result, I think I can put that into anything I decide to make on byte. I can’t wait for it’s release and it’s a wonderful thing, giving so many people a platform to express themselves.


Well, let’s just say that I wasn’t around at the time for Vine, and being online was a real debate for me :sweat_smile:

But I feel like with Byte things will be different, and that they’ll be way better!

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It’s funny. I did a Vlog about this exact topic a few months ago and a fair number of people were all “no im not gonna create now, I’m gonna wait”. I was trying to encourage people to start now, on any app at all, just to get practicing and start churning ideas.
That being said, it’s not too late! Start making stuff!!


I always knew that I JUST had to start,…didn’t care what platform, as long as I started. I knew I was headed somewhere

It’s not to late to start!


:vine: honestly made me find myself and what i really love to do, editing funny videos. i was inspired after seeing ‘woah take it easy randy’s’ edits and started making them in august 2014. they weren’t/aren’t the greatest of editing, but my ideas would be decent and would usually come on the spot.

my biggest achievement is being able to make people laugh by whatever my brain decides to make :joy::blue_heart:

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