Regional communities?

As we all know, most of the web entrateinment is produced in the english language.
V*ne itslef, while hosting an international community, featured only english content in its global page.
Other platform, say YouTube, have a dynamic algorithm that creates user-specific recommendation pages, which stick to the regional preferences.

I was thinking about “regional communities” for V2, for example by implementing a button in the explore page that lets you see global and regional trends.

This would not only help the user navigate through continent in english and other languages, but it would also allow artist to not worry abut the language they use. The result would be a more international and wider community!


I think it’s a good idea and will help to get others involved


I definitely agree!


That sounds like an awesome idea, I hope they implement that!

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That would be so cool and it’ll definitely help everyone all around the world share their content

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Let’s hope the programmers see this then!

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