Region restrictions on v2

I feel like here in south africa, viners aren’t really given a platform because of where we are. Most of the more "popular viners are always from the Americas and i feel like region restrictions are to blame for that. i think it would be more fun if everyone could see vines from all over the world without having to search specifically for them and if vines that were put on the trending page could reflect the whole world and not just america


Good idea, I feel like each country in V2 should have their own “leaderboard” which is discussed here

hopefully to help people in different areas “shine” and motivate others.


good idea, and explanation :grin:



Great idea! :video_camera:


A Viner from South Africa. Thank GOD I’m not the only one

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Really great idea. There should be a country category on the app.

V2 should have an option in settings to select country/region. You will see the leaderboard of both Global and your own country/region.

I really love this idea!