Regarding v2 fame!

Honestly do you think V2 will ultimately produce millionaires like we’ve seen with vine1? (Paul brothers,kingbach,lele pons)


It strongly depends on how many people know the app has come out. (Will know) and the creator/artist

Maybe not like og vne content creators, because all their stuff was overly acted out… but anytime the internet plays a part, I think people can get famous… because you might not physically be able to leave where ever you are, the internet gets your face out there.

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I think v2 will be a good opportunity for everyone to find your content, which then could lead to big things


i truly believe so. all it takes a proper exposure to get yourself known

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I think I will become famous from my first post you will have to put hashtags and say revine

Honestly, you cant really tell. But if you take it from me , If creators/artist stay true to themselves i’m sure they’ll reach as far as they can.

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Sure, i think that more because most of the popular apps ( Instagram,Snapchat,Facebook) have the same options (Like storys or the photos) and V2 is very different and this make V2 unique and special.

People dont want apps with the same options and different names, We want something new

I don’t think V2 will make people millionaires, but it will definetely give people a platform to move on and do bigger things. Some of the stuff people from v*ne are doing right now is insane. There is singers selling out tours, actors, you tubers and cameron dallas has a god damn netflix show

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yA never know my dude- I guess we’ve just gotta wait and #see what the future holds

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Logan Paul’s net worth makes me want to cry

IKR. it’s Soo crazy how he started it all from vine.

I know thats how he started

oh ofc !! there will be lots of new people who will get famous off of v2.

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