Regarding the creator program and social ladder snakes

I know lots of people are crazy about the creator program in the US. I am not in the US. I really don’t care about this program when I use this app.

However, this is what I have experienced about the social ladder snakes in this app.

In the past few weeks, I got contacted by few people and some of them were ex-viners. They told me that they are new to this app in DM, and said “so hard to get people to see their contents”. I was being nice to connected them to others and tried to help these so-called influencers out.

What they are doing to me now is to ignore me, blocking me, and stop all the interaction with me (Obviously, not checking my byte too) Because they have already used me to climb up. They got what they can get from me now and treat me like a dirt.

I know the creator program is a new money making machine, but I hope @dom should put the consideration of the creator’s attitude but not just the number of the content, likes, comments, and rebyte for the program.

(PS: if the byte team want to spot these social ladder snakes, the algorithm would not lie. Look at their number of engagements to other certain accounts, then you get the hints)



Great Piece, Tony!

I dislike social climbers, but long term it won’t work. My mission is to post for fun, connect, and network creators who are positive. I’ve noticed few creators that have used me (I know who they’re but I’m not calling them out) and I’m still am being used as some pointed out…(the end) :slightly_smiling_face:



Wow. Literally, just wow. What the heck? Stuff like this makes me want to rip my hair out, full stop. Whoever these people are, I wish them the worst of fortune, I’ve never heard of something more passive-aggressive, scummy, or just generally conceited, putting down others so they can reap the benefits of getting to the top. I’m sick of seeing people like this left and right.

You’re definitely right, though. Whoever these people are, I’m sure there are more of them – people who use others to get to the top and cut off all communication, it’s just wrong, it’s like once they get X amount of likes on something, they suddenly adopt an “I’m better than you, who are you again?” mindset, when just moments before, they were playing the victim.

I really hope Dom takes community participation and stuff like that into consideration – not just likes, rebytes, and/or comments. Who a person is on their bytes usually doesn’t translate to who they actually are…it’s especially common on the early stages of an app like this, where everyone’s trying to use this app as a means to an ends instead of just riding the wave and having fun as a community. I mean, just look at all of those Insta Repost Bytes that were clogging up some categories just a few weeks ago – “fOllOw fOr MoRe DaiLY cOnTent,” bro, that’s not content, that’s just low-effort.

It truly is a toxic counterculture. Not a fan. I’m sorry that happened to you, my guy.


Someone on Byte once pointed out the # of likes on one of my bytes as an insult (it had like 13 likes at the time). Sometimes people suck :confused:


Money always magnify someone for who they really are and that goes for chasing fame.

There’s always tactics and strategies to grow on every platform - it’s just common practice and I almost expect it from others - where there is an edge, people will take it.

So, I wouldn’t be to bum out with it or let it affect you - if u have been in the social media realm long enough, it will happen - shoot it happens in real life. Take it in strides :blush:

My account is too small for anyone to gain from so i haven’t had it happen to me and if it does, I will know it’s part of the game.

Cheer up, life isn’t all about social media platforms anyways / it’s about good food and friends, Henry :blush:


What!? Man that has to suck. Why can’t people just enjoy the platform for what it is :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah I decided to just delete their comment instead of fight back with them. They clearly value themselves and others based off of numbers which is sad.


I am a big believer in no conflict, so i absolutely refuse to fight with anyone, because it doesn’t benefit me in any way to do so. People are so loathsome at times. And that’s an unfortunate reality of this sort of platform. They think that by hurting others or stepping on people who helped them, that they get further ahead, when in reality they’re only hurting themselves in the long run.


People like that are terrible. Or people who make teams with others of higher “status” (aka those who have more followers, get big numbers, etc) and call it friendship but it’s just them rebyting each others stuff and promoting it so the big get bigger and the small accounts stay smaller because of clout. I love my friend group because we formed before beta was out and we just uplift each other and support each others content.

People who use others just for numbers suck.


I’m so sorry you had to go through that. People like that are why we can’t have nice things in this world. :joy:

But in all seriousness, I think what they lack understanding of that we on the forums do understand is that byte is like other social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, but at the same time it is very different. Some people may talk about a “YouTube community” or a “TikTok community,” but let’s be honest, none of those are actually communities. Byte, on the other hand, does have an actual community of people that care for one another and want to support each other, and that is what sets it apart from other social media platforms.

Thank you for warning us of this threat of social ladder snakes as I was not aware this was a problem. I just say keep on doing what you do best, keep socializing, interacting, and collabing with other byters, and eventually those snakes will figure it out that doing things by themselves will not get them anywhere in the long run.

And by the way, please do consider this if you’re not already, @dom and the byte dev team. Please don’t reward those who step on others to get higher in the ranks, but instead reward those who work with others and support others on this platform. :blush:

Also I say this without having collabed with people yet, but don’t worry, I’m working on some right now. :sweat_smile:


When I was first making Bytes, I met people like that. They did the classic follow for follow, and me being really nice and being all like “Oh my gooseness! A big creator wants to follow me and help me out!” And then they didn’t and I literally felt like a fool- I mean I was played.

Looking back on it, I mean it sucks but it is what it is. If I saw them in person due to the meet and greets of the program, I wouldn’t be petty or anything. But I get what you’re saying and I’d be hecka mad too if someone did that mess.

Sorry that had to happen to you but I’m glad you stuck with Byte. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff like that that will make a person get off Byte.


Few more points: I have a full time job and I also try to start my online shop, so I really dont pay attention the creator program a lot.

As some of you have already known, I just share the news from the beta test to the early adopt users on DM group and tell them “hey byte has new function out, be ready!” I don’t mind to connect people together and connect people. But using my connection for climbing up is a big disappointment.


The quote of the day, I can relate… :coffee:

The starter pack… every- :eyes::coffee:


I’m trying to be good and follow the people who actually interact with me or my stuff.

But I have noticed a lot of follow/unfollows and likes being unliked lately.

What are the top things that make you think
“I have to follow this byter!”


Sorry you went through this. I’ve been pretty fortunate on byte (not big yet) but had similar experiences on Vine. I think it’s been said here already, but the way people interact with their followers can say a lot about them upfront. Most of the people that stopped replying to me after vine ended weren’t very concerned with replying to the followers they had, I just didn’t realize it because I was in their little bubble of elite people.

If it helps any, the type of people doing this are generally deeply insecure and perpetually trying to satisfy some deep void with a sense of self importance they will never satisfy until they change the way they think. I feel a bit sorry for them.

I’m happy people can’t see how many followers someone has now, but the ones really looking will find a way to judge ppl unfortunately. From most of what I have seen so far though the Byte community seems like a pretty kind one and I am grateful for that. You seem like one of these kind-hearted people so thank you for staying!


You raised some interesting and truthful points, hopefully, fingers crossed the program will eventually expand beyond the US :grinning:


That’s crazy man, I just found your byte page too and all of your content is hilarious


Aw thank you🥺 I think I found yours too (@Lea?) and I loved your most recent edit btw!


That’s crazy! I can’t say I’ve gotten any messages like that. I’m sorry they’re treating you that way, man.


Not transparent about my followers but many ask; how many I have and I refuse to share. Don’t want to put a label on my profile or associate myself with another big byte creators.