Regarding Groupchats

There are topics about creating group chats, but I have noticed that the topic starters don’t really add users. Now, when someone really wants to start a group chat, they get replies like “look at this topic …”, but those topics are not really being moderated by the topic starters.

I find it frustrating honestly. Anyhow, any suggestions regarding this topic?

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You can add this idea to this to slow down duplicate threads.

Ah, that’s a good question. I suppose if it’s been a while since the previous group chats have added anyone, it would be good to start another

There’s not really a way to police that thread to get the OP to add you but I totally get your frustration.

Maybe try DMing the person who started the group to get added? A group might’ve also reached its limit on how many people can be added. I know there are multipe groups both on Instagram & Twitter.

You can also make your own group as well. Most times those people are just linking you to consolidate the list so everyone can see everyone’s usernames.

EDIT: Dom said the Promote Yourself category will be more lenient so you’ll probably still have someone link the existing thread but it won’t be closed like they had been previously.