Regarding doms twitter

For those of you who dont know dom is taking a break from twitter he hasn’t said when he will return but im sure he is still working on the crowdfunding app also when he does return please dont harass him about the app hes already said what he has to say at this point we have to leave it to him


That’s a long sentence!


But isn’t he working on both v2 project and crowdfunding app?
Because I know a lot of us wanted v2 to happen first because we all miss :vine: and really want it to bring back joy for all of us to experience and also FUCK :twitter: for deleting it

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He is crowdfunding but I don’t know wether or not it’s for V2 I just advise everyone to be patient because you can’t just make an app in a couple days

@TheKingHusker :joy::joy::joy:

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yeah ur right

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Yooo so I just came up with a theory. Remember how everyone was saying how they would start GoFundMes and Kickstarters but then Dom said that we shoudn’t?
Dom doesn’t want us to because he wants us to wait until his crowdfunding platform comes out, and then we’ll do it on there. Then it will be able to say “v2 was funded using Cashiba/Goalie”
Haha man that’s smart


Maybe so.


That speculation is right on

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That can be possible heres my other theory
What if dom releases the app only for the beta part and then releases the crownfunds apps like cashiba/goalie he created in order to make funding for v2 into its full release

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The only reason I don’t think he will do that is because if he does run out of money he will be left with a beta and the app won’t release he has to have the funds for the whole project

you got a point

That’s kind of smart Mason


This is totally fine but there’s a lot of people out there who keeps hatrassing him at his every single tweet. Maybe he just doesn’t care about them but of course it’s annoying and they should stop

I’m going to be real: they won’t. The excitement, while dying down, isnt going away and without much info being released people will still keep asking. I wouldn’t personally consider it harassment either.

This is exactly what I was thinking awhile ago. I really feel like the reason why he was working on the crowdfunding app first was so he could use it to fund V2. Everything will just go by his own rules from funding to development. Just full and total control so he can finally make the apps he always wanted.

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True when he made :vine: he still had to ask the other Co founders if this or that was okay but now he’s the one in full creative control

This crownfunding app hes working on once release maybe be publicly or privately funded for :vine: but we will have to wait and find out