Regarding 18+ Hidden Content

I may be mistaken, but I believe there was a sensitive content filter on the original Vine.

Do you believe that this is necessary, or should V2 remove this filter and the profane content altogether?

What would be considered harmful as opposed to just NSFW?


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I feel like content that would be in 18+ should be alcohol or nudity maybe certain profanity.

i believe that it should be open with some sort of parental control or setting that will filter out such content from the normal feed of people who rather not see it.

the openness of social media is usually what makes or breaks it


I agree, but with the original Vine this cause issues with animal abuse and overly edgy videos to be shared. Imo this shouldn’t become another LiveLeak, but it shouldn’t be too kid friendly. There should be a clear line between over the top vs NSFW content written in the guidelines.

NSFW should only be accessed by accounts of age 18 and they can only post on it too.

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i second this (but out of likes)

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Oooh yeah i forgot about the Cruelty on Vine. Yeah sometimes creators would post something out of their niche. Which would just surprising for their viewers


Never used the first vine.

Check out this thread discussing this too: NSFW Videos in V2