Referrals for V2! Unlocking Stuff

What do you think of the idea where we have referral codes for each person individually and every time someone uses your code, you get a reward on something on the app. You can get these rewards only by referring people so more people come on to the app. You can not buy these. Like depending on how many people use your code, you can get a badge on your profile for referring 10 or more and if you have over a certain amount or something, you can get special things only people that refer can do. Its just an idea, tell me what you think of this!!! It just gets more people to the app and also benefits people that are on the app.

but I’m pretty sure people with followings will have a better refer rating, which is kind of unfair but it gets more people to the app.

hoping @dom reads this


Anyone? Like it or hate. Comment down

Not a fan of the idea. Rewards should be given to successful V2ers, not people who refer other “people” to the app. I have some people who would sign up in an instant, but I don’t want them finding my account immediately.


Could do community badges much like on the forum, so that if you refer people you get a banner on your profile called ‘community builder’ or something. As for special perks I can only think of being given a louder voice when communicating with the team, or a degree of further moderation. That said, could be abused. Would have to see @dom’s thoughts.


Not bad, But you said it yourself the famous people from another social media that go to V2 they are going to have benefits

The forum is little quiet, soon or later someone will answer you

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That would be pretty unique! It would be a cool way to get more people onto the app


Thanks for everyone’s reply

I don’t think any social app should have unlockables or rewards, not a fan of this.

I like the idea but it could be abused by anyone who already has a big following by referring a lot of their audience.