Referencing V***s

GUYS. I referencing vines all the time and I feel like everyday less and less people know what I’m talking about and it’s really sad. It’s too the point where people are telling me to stop because they don’t know what vines I’m talking about and I just want to now if this happens to you and if you have hope that v2 will change the way of these uncultured people I’m surrounded by. Thank you and that is all.


Mother trucker dude that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick


lol, yeah. I don’t really reference vines because i don’t really watch compilations, but it still feels really sad when you realize vine got left behind.

“don’t catch an atitude”
“well you the one who threw it”.:rofl:


Well just tell them: “whoever said that, your mum’s a h**”

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