Reeeeeing so hard rn

so i just found out i cant get byte until way after the closed beta

i missed signups so i cant get the closed beta, i have to wait for the open. oof.


oh yeah i forgot that thanks

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that Reeeeely sucks haha its okay it happens to all of us :sunglasses:


dang it. Well at least you will be of the first ppl to download the app


Well the app is coming out this year, so there’s still an opportunity to be a first mover on the app.

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The thing I never understood is I was one of the first 500 to sign up via Twitter when they did that giveaway, and I never got an email about these forums or anything. Never even knew about having to also sign up here and claim beta access. Kinda screwed there, but have fun those of you who got in!

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