#RedNoseDay #noseson challenge May 21

Pretty much everyone liked having a featured hashtag to help generate ideas.

So I’m thinking we as a community work towards doing the #noseson challenge for Red Nose Day May 21st 2020.

I’ve done it the past few years:

And I’m challenging the byte community now.

We could actually set up a fundraiser of our own:

But honestly I think that would be up to @dom and his team.

Red Nose Day is all about helping at risk kids with food and medical support. It’s about 50/50 USA/other countries.
It’s going to be on NBC and normally you can get a red nose :red_circle: at Walgreens for a $1 donation, but due to COVID19 they are doing it strictly digitally.

I’ll do it either way, but I thought I would throw the challenge out there to my fellow byters.

Any thoughts?


More like gagger day… sorry it looks like that :joy:


Better? :wink:

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Going through my old stuff for Red Nose Day I’ve done in the past.

This is one I did last year when the theme was nose to nose.

It hits totally differently now since it’s like there is a piece of glass separating the two :chipmunk: and :sob:

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Sorry if I keep spamming this.

I’ve been doing some research for work and it’s really getting to me how things are going.
#rednoseday this year is more important than ever. They help to feed and get medicine for at risk kids which there has never been a greater need for.
Unemployment during the Great Depression was as high as 22%. That was roughly 15 million people out of work.
Official statistics say that unemployment is 14.7% right now. Estimates are 36 million people have filed for unemployment in the US right now. I know for a fact there a ton of people who have not been able to file yet, and more businesses are shutting down permanently by the day. With future projections by Goldman Sachs of up to a 35% unemployment rate millions of people will be without jobs.

Many kids get their only meal of the day from their school. School districts have done an amazing job of trying to keep kids fed while they have been shut down.

But the school year ends for many next week.

Please do whatever you can to help this year.
Go to #noseson .com for more info. $1 normally gets you a cute :red_circle: from @walgreens but this year, they are doing it digitally/virtually.
Watch the show on @nbc May 21st and hopefully anyone who sees this will help support and go #noseson🔴 with me.

I started posting on tumblr and Instagram as a way to document the Lunchbagart I’d draw for my kids. So you could say feeding kids hits close to home for me. I heard stories from my family about ketchup sandwiches and going hungry.

Sorry for the downer trombone. I know everyone is excited for the new update and I am too. But because of what I do, I’m hearing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that is going on right now. We all need to come together more than ever, and regardless of anything else, I would hope we could do it for the kids.

tldr; help kids have food

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