Reddit CEO says TikTok is 'fundamentally parasitic"

Link to the Verge article

Pretty blunt explanation of some of the concerns over TikTok

What’s your TikTok status?

  • TikTok is on my device
  • Don’t have TikTok
  • Had TikTok but deleted it.

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cc @dom


I’m loyal cause I never had TT​:sob::joy:


I was going to pre Byte, but some of my friends clued me in to the concerns.

But it had been tempting with how messed up the Instagram algorithm has gottern


Same, never had the Tic and I am fine without it.


It’s on my phone. I tried it out as I wanted to learn about it at the same time as one of my children. But I hate it. All it wants to do is show me the same viral people and it’s difficult to connect with people as they are only interested in gaining followers instead of having fun. Whereas on Byte I’ve found funny stuff and already connected with the community. I plan to make sure I can remember the password then delete Tik off my phone. Leaving the account with a dust sheet over it for now. (I haven’t voted)


Yeah, my kids and their friends love TikTok, but I won’t let my kids put it on their phones. I actually showed them the article, and they were like, “But I really want it! It’s so cool!”


I have it, everyone else is spying on me so what difference does it make, i give my fbi man a lil wave every time i turn my phone on :slight_smile:


Wait TikToks parent company is called ByteDance? Lol


it is!


I have it, I just don’t really use it all at though.

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“Maybe I’m going to regret this, but I can’t even get to that level of thinking with [TikTok],” Huffman said at the event, “because I look at that app as so fundamentally parasitic, that it’s always listening, the fingerprinting technology they use is truly terrifying, and I could not bring myself to install an app like that on my phone.”

While I do get your concerns, he’s calling out a particular feature.


he’s referring to device fingerprinting. it is technically a “feature” but it applies to everyone who opens the app or visits the website


Yeah, I’m just talking about the people who are using it as an opportunity to bash TikTok for other things. Not too much of it here, but lots of it when it was shared on Reddit.

Whilst I do share the same concerns as everyone in regards to this security aspect (pretty screwed when even FaceBook’s like :eyes:), just wanted everyone to be on the same page.


It’s always helpful when my FBI person reminds me where I left my keys.


Well I mean I wasn’t surprised they would bring up security. That is almost ever giant tech companies go to marketing strategy now days tbh. But one thing i do like and this is very small but how they use red and blue which is a throwback to when cinemas had red and blue glasses.


sometimes i blow a kiss to my camera and say gn to my fbi man, always look out for the real ones in ur life :pensive:


This feels like a Byte that needs to be made.

Asking the FBI guy how you look, which outfit etc.
Like it starts off as a joke, messing with each other, and then…

The RomCom of the 20’s.


I remember reading an article in the 90’s about internet privacy and the author fretting over leaving his magazine with his mailing address on it on a subway. It’s weird how far we’ve come to normalizing what information and footprint we leave online.

I’d argue that most people don’t care, but also I think that’s a factor of people not understanding the consequences of all the data that’s on us out there.

Especially with teens - TikTok is a kid’s app [insert me rationalizing how Byte isn’t for kids here] and so it’s gathering all this info on people…who really can’t consent, really.


I remember this whole big backlash against websites for illegally collecting minor’s date. Like major $$$ penalties.

And now it’s just a big :man_shrugging:

Kind of like how cigarettes got shut out of most forms of advertising, but e cigs were like everywhere all of a sudden.


I hope with this COPPA changes…uh, it can make things a little better.