Recycling Content

Thoughts on recycling stuff made for Byte onto other platforms? Does anyone know if Byte frowns on this for partner program consideration? I want to do it to draw attention to Byte, but not sure if that’s how they’ll see it.


I’m posting my Bytes that would cross-platforms on twitter. It does alright. I don’t think it’d matter for the Partner Program, but also I am choosing not to overthink what their intentions are.

Maybe you could think of it like this; if they’re looking for talented people, then those people would probably be driven and if they’re looking for driven people then they’re probably ambitious enough to be on multiple platforms and so they’d be shooting themselves on the foot if they punish people for sharing content on more than one platform.


Good point :+1:t2:


I post mine on my insta when I post the original images. I created the animated versions specifically for byte (wanted to try a format that wasn’t a show-n-tell or a video of a static image) and they were the inspiration, so I think that fulfills the requirement. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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In my opinion, I would say share as much as you can elsewhere, But DEFINITELY download your byte so the byte watermark is visible rather than posting the original which won’t have it. It’s an extra step but I think it’s important.


When it comes to cross promoting I’ll usually save my video from Byte so it retains the Byte watermark. Then I can post it on twitter, instagram stories, etc. This not only promotes my channel, but also helps others learn about the app. Right now one of my goals is to spread the word and try to get my friends in on it cause I feel not a ton of people know it exists yet.

You do you, but I know for me I want more people on the platform!

Edit* Just noticed @jessfrombyte literally said this exact same thing…so take this as another endorsement for the idea :sweat_smile:


I also would love to know how they feel about this. I post my content on other platforms but it’s always to promote my Byte account. Everything I record is within 6 seconds for that reason.

I wouldn’t consider that ‘recycling.’ I would consider that…spreading…a happy Virus! Well, not really a virus, but, still. A vine is a vine, and a Byte is a Byte, you know? That’s what gets people to come onto a platform like this, just spreading things that make them go ‘Wow! That’s cool and/or funny! I wanna be a part of it!’ I post mine to Insta and YT, mostly. Some of them do quite well on YouTube, my one on Super Tuesday got over 1K views on YT.

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I just download the video from byte with watermarked and username then share on social media.

However, i cant upload the byte with copyright music background on youtube

My bytes are for byte only dont really share them on other platforms. But if you want to upload them to other places i guess its fine since no one’s stopping you.

I post unique content on each platform.

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We plan and create content for Byte, and then sometimes, we add more to the video (maybe a more extensive punchline) on my TikTok channel or just push it out as-is on TikTok. Seems to work well on both.