Recreate other peoples content to use on v2

I know a few funny videos thats on my native language, do you guys think it’s alright to recreate these videos in english? I also have some ideas for videos with i got from jodel (an app), would that be ok to recreate? Btw jodel is kind off like twitter, but no videos. Please comment your opinions on what you think is alright to recreate etc.

If you can reach out to the person for permission to recreate it in english, do that. But usually you can’t message them so I would make it, but credit them in the caption like “Recreated video of NAME” or link the original

I’m not too familiar with jodel so idk about that


I would just give them credit, just so people know who the original artist is :slight_smile:

Most definitely give credit or if not it will technically be plagiarism, but do what you want…

Unfortunately, V2 is not supporting this decision due to plagiarism.
This is when something is copied without any type of inspiration tag or creator credit.

Such as the Musically’s… Inspired By: @[username]

They don’t need to give any credit lol. Vines weren’t copyrighted. Besides, the majority of the big viners stole from smaller viners, and just got popular from it.

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There is no such thing as a unique idea. Successful people found a way to take an idea and make it better. Find a way to make it ur own!