iPhone x

Thats cool

By far. For both a5000(no 4k) and z90.

Ok, just wondering xD

I think I’ll start off with my iPhone 7plus then if I make any monetization I’d invest in a camera (not sure which model) for vine as well as YouTube.

m-my shitty android phone
i can’t afford anything else :^(

Your iphone 7 plus camera is probably better than most haha. It should be fine

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Phone and DSLR depending on the video. But it’s not about your gear, its how you use it :wink:


True’er words have never been spoken xD


I’ll be shooting from my AK47 assault rifle


Lol the android will hold if you love v2 it doesn’t matter what you film your videos on


Awe nice, I heard those have some nice shooting quality

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Android phone and Sony hd camcorder

Nice! Which phone?

galaxy s8

Ill be using this

iPhone 6s, GoPro Session and a Panasonic Lumix G85 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8

I’ll be using my Galaxy s8+. My content was always about the quality of the joke, not the quality of the video. And my standards for the quality of the jokes were pretty low as it is haha

I’m going old school and using one of these:


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