Ok so I’m seeing my iPhone 8 will be perfect?? Yay!

I phone 6s :100::fire::fire::fire:

yes, if you have anything above the iphone 4 you are good

Awesome haha

I wish I had the iphone 8! The camera quality is amazing. If you go to camera settings you can make it so you can record in 4k as well. I’ll be using my iphone 7 for a while at least. It still had 4k capability but the other camera quality is not as good as the iphone 8 and 8 plus.


I’m going to be shooting with a Canon 80D. Is this overkill? I never used Vine but I’m super excited for V2!

Thanks for the tip!

Nothings to much xD

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iPhone X

iPhone 8+

Y’all here with iPhones and me here with Huawei p8 :joy:

jake paul made all his vines on the iPhone 4 which wasn’t ancient at the time but did have some years so i assume it will be fine. Also, would we have to use the touch to record feature again or will there be a half opacity button, such as the snap chat button, which seems really appealing as you can see through the button to see if something unnecessary is in the video

Most likely my mirrorless and/or galaxy s8. Edited in premiere pro cc forsure.

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iphone 6s

Mirror less?

Sony a5000.

I’ll be using my iPhone 6

Bring out the big stuff then haha

Not even a ‘good’ camera. Decent after filming flat and correcting it in post. Working and going for a loan to get a Sony Z90 though. That’ll be gooooood

better than an iPhone camera?