Recording animation

I think it’d be cool to see some sort of animation for the green bar while you’re recording a vine instead of it just going straight across the screen. Like while it’s moving it could possibly wiggle, or there could be some sort of effects around it like small flames or lightning that become stronger the longer you’re recording for.


Nice idea

Would you suggest that vine possibly gets a mascot?

Yeaah great

its a instrsting idea having a mascot haha

I actually think that’s cool! Great job man

A Mascot sounds very cool tbh

I think the screen should be as clean as possible when you are recording

Cool i like it

I remember the app having a required video recording tutorial when the app was installed. I think making that optional is important because sometimes we delete the app to remove data and reinstall them and it’s annoying to have to be forced to do the tutorial every-time you reinstall it,

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That’s a great idea, too

That’s cool.