Record direct from iPhone to PC?

Anyone know if there’s a way to make an iPhone camera act almost as a webcam for a windows PC?

All the stuff online seems to suggest apps that simply mirror the iPhones screen but ideally I want it to be saving the recording straight to the PC, the iPhone is literally just being used as a camera.

Guessing it’s not possible but thought I’d ask!

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What do you have in mind that you might want to do? Is this just about getting files onto the computer?

I’ve used EpocCam before, it’s an app that allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for your PC (which sounds like what you’re looking for). My experience with it has been 50/50. It works well, but it’s given me connection issues every now and then. It can connect to your PC via Wifi or USB. I would definitely do some research into it before getting it though.

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Sometimes I would record my videos on my phone and back then up on google photos then I go to my computer log into my google photos and the video would be there so I’ll just download it and it’ll be in my computer

I think if your talking iPhone to mac then yeah. But iPhone to windows is a little bit more difficult because of Apple walled garden approach. I don’t know any easy ways to use you iPhone as a webcam so to say on windows. I mean what are you trying to do? If your streaming you can use dslr’s on your pc with a capture card.

Or if your trying to get just the video on your pc. I use a little site called

Thanks for a replies guys, appreciate it.

I was looking to be able to get the live camera feed accessible by a website that can key out a green screen in real time.

Also I was hoping there was some way to save the files directly to PC as when I transfer MOVs from my iPhone they often are slightly corrupted when used in Adobe Products

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I know what you mean. I have an Iphone 11 pro max and have problems using my iPhone footage on adobe products.

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I have to film on iPhone, transfer via cable, convert the video to mp4 and then use in adobe products

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have you tried we transfer? I have used that too.

I haven’t, I did use Dropbox for a while but found doing it by wire easier and quicker

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