Recommended Video Ideas

We should create recommended video ideas

Creating something such as a cookies recorder - as in there are types of routes that can look at types of video activity and what you like. There could be a recommendations page that give people ideas of what they can do as a video that could possibly boost their watch time. Or you could design a general video ideas page that notify people of what they can do if they are possibly struggling. It’s a good idea in my eyes.

How will it work?
It will work where there is a small page where you can view different categories and there is one that is named “Post Ideas” and it mentions many post ideas that people may be able to use that aren’t too hard or that are the most popular. This can help people think of ideas if they are stuck. This was a common issue in V1 (Original)


That’s a great idea because one :vine: it’s was hard to find new creators, you only saw big people so a recommended video or creator section would be great.

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