Recommended creations, tailored to what you like

What do you mean recommended section?
Similar to the right side of any YouTube video, the V2 app can find vines that are more tailored for the content that you usually watch. If you usually watch vines of musicians and comedy, you would find other vines of the same categories in the recommended section of the explore page. It would not only be based of what vines you watch. It would be based off which artists you follow, what vines your liked, what vines you commented on… etc etc.

Cons of introducing this.
I feel like the biggest con of implementing a recommended page is the sheer work and effort needed to develop an algorithm. It would most likely need the work of training AI bots, but this would need a large amount of Artists and consumers already using V2 to effectively “train” the AI.

If you would like to learn more about AI, you can watch this very nice video from CGP Grey.

I like the recommended section, it would be nice to have it