Recommended Artist Feature

On the v2 app, there will probably/most likely be a ‘discover’ section, where random posts relating to the user will be featured. However this idea takes it a bit more beyond that. The idea is that between a set number of posts, an upcoming/rising artist/creator will be featured on the home page. Let me go more in-depth.

If a user is scrolling down their home page on v2, between a certain amount of posts, someone relating to what that user watches will pop up. One video from them will pop up, and the user will have the opportunity to click on that artist’s profile and look at more of their content.

If I’m a user, who has been watching a bunch of sports and dance v2 videos, between every 35 posts, a new artist that uploads sports/dance videos will show up on my homepage. Their post will be shown like every other post, however it will say ‘Recommended artist’. It also won’t be the same user, for example, the first 35 posts will be one of 'Sportsguy556’s videos. In between the next 35 posts one of 'Dancergirl00’s will be featured, etc…

I chose 30-35 posts because these videos are only 6 seconds long, meaning it won’t take too long to get past 30 posts, resulting in a non-spammy recommendation system.

This isn’t a feature that is necessary so I wouldn’t say it should be put over some other things the app needs, however it would be a cool feature for discovering more people.


That’s a cool idea, isn’t that also what tumblr has?


Not too sure, I don’t use Tumblr.

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They have a system similar to that, every couple posts, they’d show a recommended one relating to your interests, and/or what you just liked, and it would show up the same way you described your idea !! And if you aren’t interested, you can choose to have tumblr show less blogs with that content and all

I actually really like this. It gives more opportunity to be discovered and plus you won’t just keep seeing the same people

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Thats not a bad idea! But 30-35 videos is actually around 200 seconds. Maybe increase the time? It might be annoying to some if they keep getting recommendations around every few minutes

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I think that would be cool, especially because it gets rising artists to audiences that could help them reach different/more followers

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Great idea. It’ll also help creators find fans/viewers that actually enjoy that type of content.


This is really good. A fair chance for small creators!!!


I thiiink so

Good idea :ok_hand:

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isnt 30 vids alot? i cant tell tbh cus in instagram, the ads show up after 6 posts or so… so maybe around after 15 vids?

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I mean, it doesn’t really seem like a lot if every video is going to be 6 seconds :woman_shrugging: I think it would seem like there’d be too many recommended pages if it was after 15 videos or something. But thats just me

Your idea is actually pretty cool. It not only helps creators but viewers too