Recommend me spanish youtubers pls

Hey I’ve been learning Spanish for a while and I want to watch more Spanish speaking youtubers to improve my listening, rn I’ve been watching just the ones with huge subscriber counts bc they’re the only ones I’ve heard of (Juanpa zurita, luisito comunica) but their content isn’t exactly what I look for in YouTube videos (kinda childish, a bit boring lol, still like them tho :flushed:) SO if anyone has any recommendations for Spanish speaking youtubers that would be increíble thanks.

For reference I tend to like harmless comedic commentary channels or just funny youtubers in general (Cody and Noel, Danny Gonzalez, drew gooden, kurtis Connor, even Emma chamberlain and the vlog squad are entertaining)


mmmm, there’s this guy named werevertumorro, whose old videos are really funny but the jokes and the comedy is a bit harmful.

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Mr Papi Chulo

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HolaSoyGerman will test your speed of comprehension. lol


Sounds interesting thanks

Cool I’ll check him out!!

Lolol I caught like 4% of it but it’s good :joy::joy:


Juanpa Zurita is amazing, but there is Juca and Rix, they are amazing