Recent Comment VS Original Author

So this one’s just a bit of a gripe I have with the Forum itself.

Whenever you’re scrolling through the different topics, there’s an icon to the left featuring a profile picture. Normally you’d expect this to be the profile of the posts author, but instead it’s just the profile of the person to last comment.

Why is it set up like this? It doesn’t make any sense, and kind of detracts from the original post. Shouldn’t it be the original author? Shouldn’t we recognize who’s speaking in the breif preview we get with the title?

This is just my pet peeve/suggestion, but if you agree (or even disagree) please let me know why!


I was confused at the beginning too, but now is like yeahh ok.

Yep is very weird

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I disagree. It just shows the newest person to post in the topic. So its not a static profile of a topic that sits on the forum. Also it may help to see other community members you recognize in topics you are “browsing,” if they respond to a few at a time.

It’s just keeping you updated with who’s active in the forum. It’s convenient if you’re actively talking in the discussion. However, it is very weird if you don’t know about it or just are new.

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I honestly never noticed this. Thanks for bringing it up!

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No problem! :slight_smile:

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They should have the creators picture to the left side of the title. This would make more sense.

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I may be wrong but, I think this site is basically a “sub forum” of a “main site”. If that’s true I don’t think the staff can do anything about it, only the company running the “main site”. Please inform me if I’m wrong.