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Something I really loved about Vine was that anything you revined would stay on your personal profile. I always used this as a way to show my audience other content creators that I genuinely wanted people to find. I liked that it stayed on my page because it acted like a “seal of approval” in the sense that I enjoyed this content so much I wanted to be associated with it. I interpreted it this way when I saw other Viners do the same. Like “oh Matt Post loves this, it’s probably worth checking out.”

Obviously Byte is NOT Vine and shouldn’t be a clone but I always appreciated this feature. Is there any plans on implementing something similar? From what I can gather, Rebytes are hidden but they do show in feeds.


I agree, I made my own post about this a while ago. But the idea was that if you don’t have any bytes of your own, rebytes should appear on your profile. If someone likes one of your rebytes, you get a notification. I think this would be fun for users who are too shy to record their own bytes. And getting some notifications might keep them around longer.


I thought you could view peoples rebytes on their profile?

You can, but they’re a little hidden. We’re talking about them appearing right there on your profile. Like how Vine did or how Twitter does retweets.


I’m all for this. I’d rather see rebytes on a profile than the little static tv thing. Gives me more of an idea what they find funny etc, and makes me more likely to follow them and interact.

I’m pretty sure when I started on vine, I rebyted before I started creating.

Maybe another 2 views besides the list and grid, add a OC and :recycle: tab to the profile?


Plus as creators it would give us a way to interact with users who don’t upload. When you go to someone’s profile and they don’t have any videos, you can’t really interact with them in any way besides following them. And you can only do that once.


I have to admit, the view rebytes option is pretty hidden. Maybe just introduce a rebytes tab on someone’s profile? (similar to how IG has the tagged pictures tab)


I completely agree and brought this up in January.

Oh, that’s in the beta forum so some people may not be able to see it, here’s a screen cap:


You have to choose to see them by selecting to view the rebytes. I’d rather them just be on the feed of the profile that rebyted them.

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I agree with all of this. Approved. And we could even keep what we’re doing now with Rebytes and just rebrand those as “favorites” like people are requesting.

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Dom said this on Tom’s topic:

There will be more changes and updates in the future to make the rebytes on profiles work better and look clean


I do not want the Rebytes interfering with my own original content but putting an original tab and a rebyte tab is ok with me. I just do t want people getting my stuff mixed up with the rebyte stuff

Ah I’m with ya now. Yeah that should be the default really, I’d still like to be able to hide them though for when I’m trying to locate a byte

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I like this idea

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What does he mean by “what happened with vine”?

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Dom was referring to the revine 4 revine problems on Vine, and the fact that many big creators were selling revines.


I personally like not having my rebytes show up directly on my profile. I’m more likely to do it now then I was on vine for this reason.
Something I realized about rebytes is that the larger sometimes following, the more rebytes they are going to get and from my personal experience, rebytes are the best way to get more exposure. This means that the bigger you are, the easier it is to grow. Maybe that truth is inevitable, but rebytes definitely add to the problem

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Ah, this makes sense. Honestly, that was a problem for sure. But for those of us who used it properly it was such a big help to garner additional exposure. I wouldn’t have gotten the modicum of success I experienced on Vine without being revined. It helped me tremendously and I think the good outweighs the bad.


Yea, definitely, revine was a great feature to help smaller creators reach a larger audience for sure. I had the same experience, getting revined by some larger creators really helped me grow a decent following on Vine. It was mostly the last two years that this feature was horribly abused by most of the top creators on Vine.

And when Byte launched in January, almost immediately the rebyte feature started being abused by a lot of people joining “engagement” groups, continuing what made the last 2 years of Vine a shit-show.

But I agree, sometimes the good outweighs the bad, and I think the Byte team should rethink some of the ways they hobbled this feature to avoid abuse so it can be put to good use on Byte.


I agree to this, I feel like it Byte should be Byte and be different from vine but I think this also helps prevent more spam and keeps the creators profile clean. But it could be worth a try.