Rebytes do not show in the activity tab on android + a few other bugs (android + ios)

not sure if that’s known or intentional for now. i just realised you can see who rebytes you on ios, but not android. android recieves outside of app notifications for it only



(another thing i just noticed is the follow button isn’t shown there, but is on android^)

a list of other ones:

  • there’s no option to filter rebytes in the activity tab (unless that isn’t a thing yet)
  • “mutuals” feature isn’t on android
  • there is a bug with the mutuals feature on ios where it doesn’t always show, even if you’re following eachother. it chooses when it wants to show it

Yup! Would be nice to see rebytes in the app notifications. And also the mutuals update would be cool to have, too.


While we’re on the subject of Android, is android able to do 16 second videos yet? Because I’m still not seeing anything about this except for iPhone users

Wait what??? I didn’t know ios could see rebytes. God im starting to hate having an android lol

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yep android is able to

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Android gets rebyte notifications from the notification drawer. But if you look at the notifications in the app they don’t appear.


Im on android and have the 16 second feature yeah :+1:t3:


Damn… that’s odd because my limit caps at 8 seconds.

Did you do anything special to enable 16 sec? Because mine literally stops at 8 seconds and I’m clueless why lol

that’s odd, are you still using the beta version?

Hmmmm… could that be the issue?
I switched from iPhone to android months back and lost all testflight/beta access. I’m currently using the public version.

ooo i think that’s it. it may just be for beta testers only for now, think the 16 seconds is experimental

i’d suggest emailing with your explanation to get access to the android beta! :blush:

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Will do, thanks for the help!

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I’m on the beta version … you can apply to beta from this link then it should tell you right away if you’re added to it:
This link is for iOS
This is the link for Android:

(Dom put these links in the first “16 second bytes” topic)

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i forgot about that, then i messaged him the link 20 minutes ago :laughing:

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