Rebytes as a Separate Section on Timeline?

Good morning @dom

I love the layout, I like how my Timeline is divided into “Following” and “Your Mix.”

But is there any way we can have a separate section for “Rebytes”?

I think Rebytes can be a great way to find new Creators AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ABUSED. But I personally want to see what the people that I follow are creating first.

On my timeline, I swear 19 out of 20 Bytes are Rebytes, so I think it would be good to separate them.

Following & Your Mix & Rebytes ? If three are too many, then maybe we can combine Your Mix and Rebytes? I don’t know, just an idea. Thank you!


who would move from following to rebytes only? the whole point is that creators you enjoy are expected to use the feature in a reasonable way. merging your mix and rebytes messes up what the content actually is.

i think once we can turn off rebytes from specific people, this kind of stuff will be far less apparent.


I think this would be a really cool idea! But probably really messy to figure out how to organize. For now I just unfollow users that abuse rebytes

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Agreed, but I do feel like the bytes can be seen in a more organized way, because my “following” is full of Rebytes, 9 out of 10, and I do want to see what the people that I follow are creating FIRST, before I see what they rebyte.

Like I said, I think Rebytes can be a great way to discover new creators, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ABUSED. That’s why I am not saying “get rid of rebytes” but I think my timeline can be more organized, because I don’t want to see “Randomness” on my timeline, I want to see “Structure.”

interesting idea.

drop-down lists?

  • following / following + rebytes
  • your mix / … (this can be spotlights / popular / new & trending, which, if chosen, will not be shown in the explore tab)

or options to add a couple of more tabs next to following and your mix (customisable).

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My followers are having a hard time finding my video when I upload, but I guess have a cooldown rebyte implemented when your following rebytes a lot.


I like this idea!

Yea, I do believe discovering new creators through Rebytes is very important, especially for small and new creators, but when it is too much, then I get overwhelmed.


Yea, I do that too if someone is rebyting too much, then I just unfollow, and I hope there is a way for us to organize Bytes somehow.

we are experimenting with this vs. merging rebytes into a single post that you swipe through. leaning towards the latter currently but will have to see how they feel in practice


Awesome! Thank you Dom and the entire Byte team!

Also, duplicates get annoying on my timeline, can include an option for example if I haven’t liked the video have it appear at the top. All the videos I liked disappear off of my timeline I get tired of seeing the same videos I liked already.

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