Rebyte section

What could be…

Would make it a LOT more easier to actually watch the videos you’re following for


This has been brought up since the app was invented


honestly i don’t like this idea. Rebyte was meant to be something like a retweet, someone showed something funny and you want your viewers to see it too, so you rebyte it. Separate tab for rebytes would only cause rebytes to lose popularity and its function, i.e. sharing other people’s things with your fans. But I understand for example disabling rebytes in settings or something


That would be Amazing for the viewers, I think that people are not going to look that much to the rebyte section but, it could be a great Idea, I think that a lot of creators are not going to like it. But me personally I like the idea it is :fire:. Great Idea.

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I feel like rebytes would fit better in your mix than following since it’s meant to be a mix of stuff anyway. Having a dedicated rebyte tab would diminish the power of a rebyte significantly although maybe that’s not a bad thing. Moving them to your mix would be a good compromise I think


I know hahahaha I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet

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Nah, rebytes help people get exposure. I like rebyting videos so they’re seen amongst more people. Having a section for Rebytes will most likely be ignored. The option to mute someone may be a better idea if you’re following someone who rebytes too much.


Definitely agree

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It makes me feel UNORGANISED

but I feel like if this was a feature rebytes wouldn’t really work

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Yep I agree with you, I feel like if what Shapingspace recommended above was done, rebytes would probably not really be effective to help people get exposure anymore because people probably wouldn’t even go to that tab.

I think that the option to mute or reduce the amount of rebytes that appear for users that you follow (that was requested a while back) for byters that rebyte too much would be a better solution imo.

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So far we’ve got moving rebytes into your mix, being able to turn off rebytes & honestly idk what’ll happen future wise but I’m here for it

I considered this idea myself when they were taking restrictions off of rebytes, and I considered that if they did this rebytes would be less spammy and more like a discover page, because I’d rather see things my friends suggest than your mix thinks I want to see. The down side is most people wouldn’t bother to touch the feed and rebytes would be less valuable to everyone, as creators and viewers.

Now that the restrictions have been lifted for a little while though, I admit that I love it and I’ve been discovering so much new content and I’m happy when I bump some of my friends old posts and they get love.

If it were up to a vote, I think it should still be left where it is, FOR NOW. We should keep looking over whether the changes will be a bigger deal in the future.