Rebyte *question mark*

I have the notifications on, for Dom’s Twitter, and i just missed out on something I would really like to know. I only saw the notification, and it was a reply, but if I remember correctly, it said something like “no rebyte untill we figure out something more fair”. I personally think, it was a really good function in V*ne. Just interested, if anyone catched that tweet, and if so, what are your thoughts?


Honestly, it was a tad controversial. Some people weren’t too keen on the fact that it would show up on their profile and affect their feed. I personally don’t mind the feature as do many others, but some people may find it annoying. Dom also stated that he wanted a fairer system.



we already have a topic talking about the rebyte system!

please make sure to search for other topics before creating a new one.

thanks! :blep: