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Hey Byte Creator Community,

It seems there is a lot of hostility and misinformation being spread around about Rebyte groups today. Because I started one on this open forum, let me chime in on it. First, let me say I respect all of your opinions, but I want to bring some awareness to you that your opinions may be misguided. This misinformation is being spread and fueled by annoyance and hate. I’m going to pull an Adam Ruins Everything, so here goes.

Group efforts to grow an audience aren’t banned or intolerated in the community guidelines. In fact, most people who are very successful content creators, have groups they may not talk about that they are a part of that support each other’s content to do just that, support creators.

Here is some misinformation that is being spread:

“rebyte groups are abusing the app”
“Vine died because of r4r groups”
“revines killed Vine”
“rebytes are killing Byte”
“rebytes groups are killing this community”

All false. Go educate yourself on why Vine disappeared. It was politics and business.
I’ve linked some articles below.

Just because creator groups are using the Rebyte feature, does not mean these groups are “abusing” Byte.

Abuse looks like:

Setting up Bots, paying for Rebytes, hacking into the Rebyte function at the developer level.

All in all, I made it very clear in my group that we were supporting each other in our efforts to create content, and grow together. I’m following Bernie’s lead here and trying to bring positivity and growth to all, not just an individual, not just an elite few, everyone who wants to be a part of it.

Bottom line, you can reflex your right and opinion not to like, comment on, rebyte, or share something, but ultimately, your opinion or even my opinion doesn’t matter. You can even say that somebody’s content is “bad” or “not funny”, but that doesn’t make it true. I think it’s just good that people are producing content for this platform.

Spread love not hate friends. Now can we stop wasting time talking about this and go back to creating and supporting each other?

Much love




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Cool. Great post. I think you can maybe appreciate the frustration of people. Sure rebyting is cool and good for the app. People are just upset because 1 they didn’t know about these group and aren’t apart of them (at this point would we just all start doing it) and 2 there doesn’t seem to be much meritocracy. I think that’s peoples main concern. If you agree to rebyte someone how can we know you actually like it. Some people had seems some bad content being boosted by rebytes and voiced their opinion. The real problem is people abusing these groups. We should all be friendly and try to help each other grow. I’m sure you’re feeling affiliated in some way with your group. But we are also one big community. We can work together without calling each other out (which seems like what happened to you). People should voice displeasure without personal attacks.


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I understand both sides of this debate, what we need is moderation and control.

I think what we need to understand is the “Purpose” of the group.

  • Is this a Regular Group Chat where like-minded creators can talk to each other, grow relationships, and help one another?
  • Or a Rebyte Group Chat where people only gather to rebyte?

If you can clarify what the purpose of your group chat is, that would be great. Because if you call your group “Rebyte Group” then some people automatically think “I go in there just to be rebyted and get exposure,” that’s it. Of course, like you mentioned, the members will talk and grow together, but by its name, some of us think this group can be misused.

By your post, I do not think you made this group just to get rebyted by others and become famous, so that’s good to know.

Also, there are a lot of factors that contributed to the demise of Vine, like you mentioned, there are “external” factors such as politics and business, and there are “internal” factors that specifically attribute to the app’s functionality, and revine was definitely one of the internal factors that was abused and made the app hostile. So, it’s not one or the other, there are a lot of things that happened.


Absolutely right Remy. Content creators who have groups of friends who support each other and reshare and comment on each others content have always existed and are not abuse. If you want to join a group or be a part of a collective, get to know people on Byte and interact with them or start your own. If you don’t like seeing a particular person’s content, you don’t have to follow them.

The viners you all know and loved were always sharing each others content. There were group chats going constantly. They all collaborated with each other too, so why wouldn’t they share content?

I sense a lot of salt but understand the frustration.

Let’s just enjoy this app together. We’re lucky to have it. We’re all doing what we can. It’s a gold rush right now and those that create good content, whatever that may mean, will ultimately be rewarded for their efforts. That’s just they way social media works. Put in the work, gain the rewards.

Happy Byting.


I think the groups are okay as long as the algorithm changes in a way that doesn’t provide them with too big of an advantage (on which the Byte team seems to be taking an initiative)


Yes makes sense. Unlike others i dont want rebytes to go away, i just want a system where its easier to grow without using rebytes.


A lot of us aren’t mad about the groups rebyting. But more about the fact that its the only reason more than half the people on the popular page are on the popular page.


These are good points, Remy. And yes, Rebyting wasn’t the main reason Vine died – Twitter stopped backing it, and the market didn’t favor vine with the creation of apps like Instagram. To quote;

“The discontinuation of Vine came as many different competing platforms began to introduce their own equivalents to Vine’s short-form video approach. Platforms such as Instagram began to introduce their own takes on the short video angle, such as Instagram Video, where users were able to upload 15-second videos to their profiles.”

A lot of Vine’s fame was posthumous, if you think about it. It blew up a lot thanks to YouTube and released vine compilations on Twitter once it was discontinued.

Frustrations of people currently using Rebyte groups stems from the algorithm, mostly. It’s the fact that if you don’t get X amount of rebytes or likes within even the first ten minutes of your Byte, you disappear. While these closed groups of people can be favored by artificially growing themselves, excluding the majority of people who don’t have access to these groups. Sure, it’s a way to grow together and support, but it excludes the majority, making a lot of the userbase feel left out as the popular page is now saturated with the same few people (for an entire day, too). It’s hard to be a community whose goal is support and growth together if there’s small groups of people taking advantage of the current state of the algorithm to promote themselves. That’s not Bernie’s idea of inclusivity. That’s the exact thing he’s been trying to topple.

This is sure to change, since Don has already stated they’ve been working on the algorithm to work both in favor of trending and previously-made videos, a combination rather than just the former.

And at the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of nobodies trying to become a somebody, right? This app should be about inclusivity, less so using its features to help small groups behind closed doors. But in no way do I feel that the feature should go so far as to be removed – that’d be like removing retweets. It’s just a natural effect of an app being in its early stages, I mean, it’s only been under week, lmao.


There are some really good points here. Makes me think about the “for you” and “popular” section remaining kinda the same content for a long time. Not updating frequently enough. Makes it so that if you are in a rebyte group then that group’s content is most of the apps popular content. And if those groups aren’t large enough or diverse enough or whatever. Then the content get stagnant. Think about how quickly people want to consume 6 second videos. How many you could watch in a minute, and hour, etc. The time people are using the app.

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