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Ive been watching old viners interveiws etc and finding similarieties between them to find out wht made them successful. Anybody do the same or have any observations they would like to share?


I’ve been looking a bit, mainly being consistent is what I got from other viners


Yeah consistency. You can tell there’s a lot of thought that’s been put in the content to some of them but the number one thing was, consistency.


Yeah and Ive watched compilations to prepare myself


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Probably because we’re all awesome :joy::sunglasses:


I found some similarities to the top 10 viners…is that they acted out thier Vines with other viners…meaning collabs…and lots of it…



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I’ve been trying to go through The archives to see how trends played a role and how people would stick to one or two of several niches.

The main types of videos I saw were:

  • comedy/funny things
  • singing/beatboxing
  • magic
  • dancing
  • famous people

Typically a viner tended to gravitate toward one or two of the groups and sometimes would mesh two groups together, like singing&comedy.

The first year was a lot of clearly homemade and tbh more authentic humor, whereas the later 3 years were heavily based in trends, celebrities, or other strategies. Still had tons of good vines but not like the first part. I know that gets said a lot but it’s a very clear difference between the two eras.

Like @Reallyahmed said, toward the end there were LOTS of collabs with other viners and celebrities. V2 might have some differences but it could very well start out with the same excitement and purity that vine had. That’s all I’ve seen so far I think!


i always just looked at it as consistency, the more often you post, the more likely people are to check you out cause they know they have a guaranteed daily look at you.

Real hard work and not giving up when faced with obstacles


Definitely consistency and using other social media platforms for easier communication etc