REAlLy wEird [gaME]

OK. Try and have conversations with somebody by typing with the key/letter on the right of the one you’d normally start with! :grinning: Btw if your letter is at the end, just go to the beginning of the row

SO!! for example, let me start. :::: Jpe’d upit fsu dp gst????

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mp yjsmld

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kik rgc y gyer nt dwwkubfa

i’ve done it wrong haven’t i

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Jpe upi szz fpomh ypfsu/

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Ygm fiis,

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ppqd mp yjsy esd zr, pap

o’z hppf, yjsmld!

Jx vd jf

yjod frsfsdd yppl ,r gptrbrt yp etoyr ;,gspppppppppp

Smupmr r;dr di[rt rcvoyrf gpt D,sdj Deovj?

ig biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. o’z dpttu apa. sadp, pmau ayyrtd gpt dozqaovoyu. og upi esmy o hirrd.

Jrvls ursj zsm! Ejp odm’y?!

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Jpe od rbrtupmr

thkjis js iust nqns3nze!! ! asjdlwjalwjsdlawjj

O sq dp nptrf

se tsyd zsm. grra nryyrt!

pl, o jpqr


Jru ejsys iq