Really bad quality in newly uploaded byte

So I just uploaded a new byte: and somehow it is really grainy from seconds 2 - 5. To test if this is the video itself, I uploaded it to TikTok (boo!) too ( and it isn’t grainy there.

I don’t know what causes this error as all of my recent bytes don’t have this problem. Also, I’m connected to WiFi so I don’t think it’s caused by the optimization for mobile networks.

I’m on a Google Pixel 2XL


I’m having a similar problem! My bytes record crystal clear in my camera app. When I import them into byte, they drop frames so badly it’s like I’m using a stop.motion.technique. It’s terrible and half of my stuff isn’t even worth uploading right now. I feel like it’s because some android phones are not supported equally. Was this filmed in the app itself or through your camera app?

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This was filmed with Google’s Camera App and edited in Premiere Pro. However, my issue is not the frame rate (which is fine), but it just is really grainy, worse than a 144p YT video

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Is it for all of your videos or just the one?

only the last one

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I had a similar issue also at the start of the app

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