Real talk tho fresh tiktok gen z-ers

First of all welcome

Second of all I’m really excited you’re here. I just woke up and was having a cheeky reflect on things that I’ve seen you guys post about what you like about byte on the app and how that relates to my experience from this app and I wanted to share it with you guys

So one of the hallmarks of scary toxic tiktok culture is definitely talked about is very much the beauty culture, etc etc. how things need to be immaculate to survive over there. As promoted by the censoring of anyone not to the tiktok brand’s standards :face_vomiting:

As a like adult woman who has naturally been socialised and moulded by society and society’s beauty culture and naturally given insecurities through it, byte has genuinely been a huge help in detoxing a lot of my insecurities.


When I first started posting I’d get a lot of anxiety about my voice and what I hate about it, my jawline and what I hate about it, if I made a face that was less than :100::hot_face::heart_eyes:

Basically if I wasn’t looking hot as fuck and flawless I’d be insecure and anxious about posting it

But byte has rly been a tool to help me detox from that mind set, be more comfortable with my insecurities and definitely have a more healthy online relationship with my perceived flaws and damn sometimes you’ll even see me without my eyebrows on and that’s considered assault in some cities

But I sincerely I hope all of you new people and young people start experiencing that too and feeling as though beauty isn’t a requirement of taking up space in this world :heart:

Love you all, stay weird :heart::heart::heart:


You’re beautiful, CH :grin::blue_heart:

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Love you too :heart:

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Thank u king :heart::heart::heart:

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I love you :heart::heart::heart: Hope this experience on here is fun and full of authentic self expression for you like it has been for me :heart::heart::heart:

On tiktok I felt like I could only post with makeup on, and still feel that way. But on byte I post myself with, or without makeup, and even my body sometimes. Byte really out here giving me a confidence boost :,)


And I’m literally SO overwhelmed with gratitude that y’all are starting to feel like makeup isn’t a required board standard of existing in an online space. Over the past few months I’ve definitely experienced a huge detox on here with my relationship with my perceived self and identity.

I mean obviously I still have all those doubts and insecurities like they’re BAKED IN BABEY but I have a healthier more managed relationship with those insecurities and my self worth

and I think for gen z beauty culture has been SO MUCH more intense and pervasive than it ever was for millennials and I’m really grateful you guys are gaining this opportunity to have a safe space away from that


that was so sweet love it :pleading_face::heart::heart:

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I just want the youth to have a good time and love themselves :sob:

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I honestly adore you

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Thank u queen I love the youth experiencing self love :heart::heart::heart:

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