Real talk, has anyone checked on Dom

Hey guys,

Byte literally changed overnight with people getting upset and others making demands and wanting to “take over the app” or making harsh criticisms about it. Has anyone checked on Dom? This is kinda his baby and he’s watching it grow and it’s like it hit puberty and is suddenly growing into who knows what.

@dom if you see this, how are you doing with all this? I hope you’re doing ok :slight_smile:


According to some vids he is making new friends in comments


I would hope all the attention for the app is having a positive impact on him


He posted a couple of times here yesterday, and I saw comments and posts from him on the app.

TBH, I’m ok with him focusing on the back end and being a little less visible as long as the app stays running.

The worst thing that could happen right now is a Vero type situation where the app is super slow and crashing. Vero had a good start, and quickly got overwhelmed and never really regained its footing.


I’ve been looking Hume up on Twitter and couldn’t find him. His page isn’t coming up.

I don’t think he’s very active on Twitter.

I’d be cool with that too. I say one thread where he said they were working on getting more servers to cover the load since they didn’t need much before.

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Dom deleted all of his tweets for some reason. Clean slate

His earliest tweet activity (a series of replies) is June 14, and has only tweeted a couple times since. Most recently today and yesterday. Is he having trouble coping with something?


That’s interesting. He might be overwhelmed with everything happening on the app and the community getting thrown way out of balance.

This was the last public thing I’ve seen him say and it was in a semi viral video with one of the newly popular TT people responding to his reply. Seemingly agreeing with the girl and her request for more things.


Dom has said before he doesn’t like the spotlight. He never wanted to be the face of Byte. I don’t blame him, it’s a lot to take in

But at the very least he should delegate someone to be his spokesperson or something


He and the rest of the team worked hard on this app, this should be a win for them. So i hope they are all having a good day and enjoying this chaos.


Dom always deletes his tweets … his tweets usually will be live for 1 day


There’s a poll up on the app now, just added

Byte needs a face, and he’s kinda the main guy we go to. I get that, it’s a lot of pressure, he’s doing pretty good tho, all things considered

I just really hope he doesn’t crack under all the TT pressure… creators who have been here for the past 6 months and longer have been asking for small updates to make the app flow better or interact with easier but a lot of the new users are spamming with updates that make byte into tiktok and that would make the culture here so much harder to deal with


Looks like he wiped all of his posts up to 4 hours ago.

There was a poll that popped up for me about what be changed should be made… So someone is behind the scenes paying attention.

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Did you see the poll they released on the app? Most of the stuff on it would make it TikTok 2.0. Bummer!


I like some of the ideas, like giving an overhaul to commenting and DM’s. I’d rather take small changes here and there if it means the app will still run smoothly instead of everything all at once

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