REACHED 300+ followers + 31,000+ loops?! Thank you💛

Thank you guys for helping me reach 310 followers on Byte! I am so thankful and overwhelmed! I don’t know if people are rebyting my content but hey I’m still very happy w the little interaction! I think this app is gonna take me places and I’m so excited for it :white_heart: I sing and make creative comedy content so follow me @rommie on byte! Comment your success down below I want to see how everyone else is doing!
If anyone would like a jingle Byte video done just let me know I love doing them :notes::blush:

Edit; I made top 2 on popular trending in the voices category and literally cried of happiness Bc that was literally such a milestone for me :yellow_heart: how’s everyone else doing ?!




Just got to 140 followers and 7,000+ loops my heart is so full :yellow_heart::star2: thank you to everyone supporting me!