So I know many people have touched on the rebyte for rebyte groups and how they dislike the very nature of it, but I have noticed something that is making these groups even WORSE. Re-rebytes.

I have noticed some of these groups have began to rebyte posts, then a couple of hours later undo the rebyte to rebyte it again and get it back at the top of the homepage. It is yet another way people are exploiting the functionality of the app and the rebyte feature. These groups are FORCING you to see their content. ‘You missed my noon rebyte? No worries I’ll rebyte it again at 3:00 and then 7:00 just in case.’

The overall abuse of this feature is enough to turn me off from using the app all together. I’ll check the forums occasionally to see if anything has been done to prevent this.

Until then, byters :v:


This has been covered in several other threads here, but, I would suggest that you simply unfollow anyone doing this. That’s what I’ve done, even when Ilike that person’s content but not all the stuff they keep filling my timeline with.


Agreed. I’ve had to do the same, a way better option that abandoning the app. This app is too entertaining lol


Yeah like Tom said I just recommend you un follow those who use this practice! I personally think that rebytes should be special and something you honestly would share with you’re friends rather than a quick way to get more engagement tbh.


Unfollow the user for the spam re rebytes or block the user that you don’t want to see.


Im rebyte just bytes that I really like :purple_heart: