(Re) Introduction

Hey I’m back!!! Most ppl won’t even know me cuz I was never really that avtive. And since I haven’t made an actual introduction on this forum here I go.

My name(not real name) is Jeyka as you can see and I use to make videos on YouTube until I decided to change that. I wanted to make shorter and more frequent videos on another platform to ameliorate my videos and get a fanbase and then I would move back to YouTube. When I heard that V2 was gonna get realeased I thought that it was a very good app for me. But then nothing happened for a long time. I couldn’t wait anymore so I had to find another platform to make my videos on.

I love making videos, so to me not making any videos for a few months bored me a lot. This is the equivalent of someone who waits for a new football season to start, but then it doesn’t. Eventually that person is gonna go elsewhere right?

So I searched for another platform. I didn’t choose Youtube because we all know that the algorythm doesn’t favour short videos. I didn’t want to post on Instagram either because I didn’t want my friends to find my videos and I didn’t want to fall in the “bad instagram comedians” net. So I decided that the best platform was TikTok( everyone is gonna hate me for this lol). And I was right. The competition is equivalent to 0 on that app. Not many people post original skit wich meant that I stood out a lot and managed to get a few followers very easily and quickly. It also made me practice my skills with video making and I have fun. Much, much fun. I then left the forums because I thought that the app would be postponed for at least a year but I was very wrong.

I hope that “Byte” will bring me much happiness because tbh TikTok keeps being shitty to me with all the kids that get butthurt by my videos and report them for no reason. That app is way to family friendly and as soon as you make slightly edgy jokes your content gets recommended way less and favours dumb content. So I find the “Byte” app more appropriate.

So yeah now u know me.


Well welcome back. I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff on Byte.


Welcome! Glad to have another byter in the community :smile:


Welcome Back!

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Welcome back dude! I remember you.

Hey how many followers you got on tiktok

Apparently everyone Ik is getting pushed on tiktok

Not much just 28k

I remember you too. You’re like the most og user of this forum. You should be an admin at this point

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moi? I only joined the 28th of Feb, I don’t have one of those legendary Jan 13th accounts like @kaden. But どうも有り難う、わが友よ!!!

Yeah but I see you everywhere all the time since forvever

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wowza, thank u dude!!!

Maaaan, i do remember you

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I’m gonna check tiktok but I HATE that app

Welcome buddy! Nice to see people joining us again!!

I’m curious, Everyone talks about it and i want to see how shitty it is

Lmao have you not seen the YouTube compilations? CRINGEEEEE

Good to know you are back and I appreciate the honesty in your post. We hope we can make byte something worth your while and the wait. :slight_smile:. Feel free to share your content under the “Vids” category. I hope you don’t mind, but I moved your topic from the “general discussion” to “promote yourself”.

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The YT compilations only show the worst. If you stay around the app you’ll find some actual creators.